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 Confessions of a Haloramiholic

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Rickder 6
Legendary Adventurer
Rickder 6

PostSubject: Confessions of a Haloramiholic   Wed May 06, 2009 1:06 am

I sometimes think that I have a lot of mental issues, and for some reason I felt like I had to get this off my chest, this is not directed toward any one, but I've had it on my mind lately and thought I should clear any misconceptions about me and my work. So hear it goes...

Ive been thinking about how much rich photoshop knowledge is out there on the intrOnets, granted I have done online tutorials in the past, but long ago in the past. Although I believe the tutorials are very effective and can inject you with Photoshop kung fu like the Matrix, I do not use them for my work in this group.

So I assure you my Haloramic family all the work you see before you in my collection is of my own, I am not saying I am better than any one else at all, as a matter of fact this group is filled with the most skilled photoshop gurus I have ever seen! But I just wanted to come clean with you guys and assure you the work and paint I apply over an already Bungie masterpiece is original out of my own demented brain, by mostly using the simple tools such as the burn and dodge tool or the vector tool or any side bar tool for that matter, along with the extensive color pallets Photoshop provides.

I also use a ton of layer styles and blending modes with duplicates. I rarely use the photoshop effects, only for a look I'm trying to achieve like the warthog in my Oil Spill or the glowing edges on some of my type work. I do however use the Blur pallet a lot, but I never use an effect to try and get that fast cheap look on the overall composition. Usually by the time I'm done with a pano I have about 15 to 20 layers with 7 to 8 different layer style applied to each layer, and about 3 to 4 hours worth of straight work put in to it, and that's just off of a 3 to 4 shot stitched pano. Actually over the past couple of panos I kinda let go of the proper way to do things and how the overall shot should look and just went crazy coloring outside of the lines.

Besides my family and life outside of the Matrix, my 2 favorite extracurricular activities is Art and Halo, and this group has provided me the fire I needed to melt the 2 together, as a matter of fact this is by far one of the best graphic clubs I have been a part of. The online critiques are phenomenal and I truly feel like I have sharpened and polished my skills by being a member of our Haloramic nation. So please do not take this post personal, its just something I had to say.

Thank you – Rickder Six. afro
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silent mb
Contest Winner
silent mb

PostSubject: Re: Confessions of a Haloramiholic   Wed May 06, 2009 6:14 pm

you are right about the amount of photoshop knowledge out there,it is so much that its overwhelming.
im an effects user,i try and get some kind of movement or action in my pans and the only way i know how is to use effects.i don't even know how to use the burn and dodge tool or the vector tool.(never tried)
i don't have an extensive knowledge of photoshop,i have only been using PS since i joined haloramics.i don't think it helps to seek all photoshop knowledge available,just the stuff you we at the time.with the few tool you use,you come out with some amazing stuff that is identifiable as rickders work.

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Rickder 6
Legendary Adventurer
Rickder 6

PostSubject: Re: Confessions of a Haloramiholic   Wed May 06, 2009 11:25 pm

Thanks buddy, yeah honestly I'm not trying to bash the effects pallet, it is a very effective way to take your work to the next level. I think that was just an old concern of mine I've had since I started working with photoshop.

It came from an instructor of mine back in the day who was very strict about not using effects at all unless you do something super creative with them. He was a D!@K anyways, I couldn't stand the guy but I did learn a ton in his class (Image Manipulation). I think I brought up effects because its bothered me ever since, but I never really talked about it before. Just one of those retarded issues I have.

The Burn and Dodge tool are amazing! In some of the recent work I did in my living dead set, I used almost nothing but the B and D tools.

With out touching the color pallets or the brightness and contrast, you would be amazed what hidden color and detail you can pull up with the dodge tool and the range set to midtones, even in the jet black areas of the image I was able to pull up whole sections of intense colors and detail I never knew where there.

As for the burn tool the same thing happens in the midtones you can pull out detail from areas on the screen that look to be pure white or any intense bright color for that matter.

I tried the sponge tool a little (sits right inline with the B and D tool) It looked like something that you can use to detail hard edges as well as clean up any burn or dodge tool mistake that was made.

Well I could go on forever, thanks for the response man.
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PostSubject: Re: Confessions of a Haloramiholic   

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Confessions of a Haloramiholic
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