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 ODST discussion topic

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Legendary Adventurer

PostSubject: ODST discussion topic   Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:25 am

Did you all get ODST? how far are you? What did and didn't you like about it?

I beat it on normal co-op last saturday, and legendary co-op last sunday.
I got most halo 3 achievements yesterday (only need a the perfection and shotgun spree on a mythic map) and i got Vidmaster: Casual today. (Legendary solo without shooting your gun or throwing any nades)
It was hard. slow and boring! but i'm only 2 vidmasters away from recon Smile

affraid My brother just found a VERY fast way how to complete vidmaster casual.
We'll make a video of it soon.

EDIT: apparently it's vidmaster classic. and youtube is full of those fast ways Sad i wasted 1-2 hours on it in NMPD HQ, lol.
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silent mb
Contest Winner
silent mb

PostSubject: Re: ODST discussion topic   Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:52 pm

just started it,first level seemed promising.got called in to firefight.
wowesome.i have only played 3 FF maps so far link
just me and my mate,lost platoon was so much fun.
im gonna go and play some more campaign now.
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ODST discussion topic
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